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Access your credit with a virtual card before your physical card arrives. No impact to credit for pre-approval.
How it works

Yendo’s virtual credit card lets you access to your credit line quickly

Step 1

Access your virtual card after completing the approval process. Your physical card arrives in the mail within approximately 7 days.

Step 2

With virtual card in hand you have access to a portion of your credit limit immediately.

Step 3

Take the Yendo virtual card wherever you go, on your phone!

Benefits of the Yendo virtual card

On the go access to your credit line with a virtual card on your phone.

Access your funds, quickly

After you're approved, and you've sent us your title, you'll get immediate access to part of your credit line with the virtual card


You don’t need to share your actual credit card number using our virtual card, so it comes with safety in hand

Pay online

Use your virtual card online or with Apple, Google or Samsung pay - it's as simple as that

Your new credit card is in sight.

Access up to $10,000 in credit with Yendo.

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