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Yendo is secured by the value of your car. No credit impact for pre-approval. Same day access to a virtual card.


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“The process is super simple and easy. All you gotta do is download the app, take a couple pictures, and then your line of credit is available.”

Stephen M.

Hyundai Sonata

“You guys, this company is a solution to your debt problems. Instead of getting a car title loan with 300% interest, get a credit card secured by your car title! What a brilliant idea! Just download the Yendo app and get started today.”

Kathleen B.

Nissan Rogue

“I was looking for a title loan and ran across this. It is so much better than any title loan you’ll ever get. The interest rate is reasonable. It’s actually a line of credit. It was super easy. You can do everything on the app on your phone, and it’s great! I highly recommend it.”

Wendy B.

Hyundai Veracruz

“Yendo was a great choice. It was easy to apply and no matter your score you can be approved. Brian reached out over the phone and lead me through the application and even made a trip to meet me to get all set up. They report to the credit bureaus. I’m looking forward for my Yendo account to up my score.”

Melissa T.

Lexus CT 200h

more about The yendo card

Use the value of your car to access a new credit line of up to $10k

No credit impact for pre-approval

Getting pre-approved for Yendo won't impact your credit and you'll see how much your credit limit could be. We look at the make, model, mileage, and condition of your car and your ability to repay to offer you the most affordable and accessible credit.

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Get up to $10,000 revolving credit

Based on the make, model, mileage, and condition of your car and your ability to repay, we offer a Mastercard credit card  to $10,000 at a fixed, affordable rate. If you pay your statement balance in full each month, you won’t pay any interest.

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Build your credit

We partner with the majors credit bureaus - Experian, Transunion, Equifax - to help you build your credit. Your account activity is reported each month. With responsible usage, you can get back on the road to a better credit score.

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Fraud Protection

We help protect you against fraud. With round-the-clock monitoring for suspicious activity and the ability to freeze your card, we work hard to keep your account safe.

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How soon can I get my credit card?
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Most Yendo customers have access to their virtual credit card within 30 minutes. The virtual card can be used online or with Apple, Google, or Samsung pay. A physical card will be mailed to you and typically arrives in 5-7 days.

If I miss a payment, do I lose my car?
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We will always work with you to try to establish a plan that works with your situation. However, as a lienholder, we can exercise our right to recover an outstanding balance, but this is our last option. Keep in mind that with Yendo, your minimum monthly payment can be more affordable compared to other alternatives like title loans.

If I sign up, when and how do I get my title back?
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You can get your title back at any time by paying off your balance and giving us a call to close your account. Once we verify that your balance is $0, Yendo will close your account and remove its lien from your title. We will then release the title to you. Or you can keep your account open with a $0 balance and pay no interest, so you can have continued access to your credit card when or if you wish to use it.

What will my credit line be?
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Yendo Credit Cards have credit limits ranging from $450 up to $10,000. Your credit limit depends on the make, model, mileage, and condition of your vehicle and your ability to repay.

What are my payment terms?
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Your official due date is 25 days after receipt of your previous monthly statement, you can pay off all or a portion of your balance in advance at any time. The best part? If you pay your full balance on or before your due date, you pay zero interest. In the event you don’t wish to pay off your full balance, our minimum payment is 5% of your statement balance or $50, whichever is greater. Please note that penalties, such as late fees, may increase your minimum payment requirement.

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