Get up to $10k in credit with the Yendo card

No impact to your credit for pre-approval

Credit line up to $10k

Virtual card gets you fast access to money

Why apply for the Yendo Mastercard®?

If you need cash, Yendo let's you tap into the value of your car to get credit up to $10k. No more sky high title loan rates.

Your car’s value = Access to money

Use the value of your car to get quick access to credit.

No impact to credit for pre-approval

Find out how much you’re pre-approved for in 5 minutes, with no impact to your credit.


If you take out a title loan, you're on the hook for that entire amount plus interest and fees. With Yendo, you only pay for what you spend.

Simple application process

You provide Yendo with information about you, your car and its title. Once approved, send your car title to Yendo via Fedex and you'll get access to your credit immediately.

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"I just got my new credit card emailed today and it looks great. My son uses the program and that’s how I heard about it and it worked out great for me and it can for you, too."

Dave M.

Submitted Review*

"The interest rate is reasonable, it is actually a line of credit and you get a little credit card, and once you pay it off you get your title back. It was super easy and you can do everything online on the app on your phone and it is great. I highly recommend it."*

Wendy B.

Submitted Review*

"I just wanted to give a shoutout to Yendo. The process is super simple and easy, all you gotta do is download the app and take couple pictures and then your line of credit is available."*

Stephen M.

Submitted Review*


"I’d definitely recommend Yendo app, everything was fast and the approval process was fast. It was actually amazing, and definitely came right on time. So i definitely encourage and strongly advise you and your friends to try the Yendo app."*

Kalaya L.

Submitted Review*

"They make it so easy, they build credit, you get the money instantly, and it is easy to pay, what more could you say? Go ahead and do it and get it done."*

Garret A.

Submitted Review*

"It was a very easy process, super quick to fill out, they verify the information almost instantaneously. And once I had my title at Fedex, and it was way less than the 2-hour time frame they gave to have the money in the account and the virtual card that I can use right away. You can even add that to your apple pay."*

Blake G.

Submitted Review*

"Yendo has been great, we were able to get the equity out of our vehicle, and exchange to the credit loan. Yendo has been great, the process very simple, the customer service has been A+. I appreciate Yendo and you will too."*

Christian P.

Submitted Review*

* Real Yendo customers were compensated for their honest review of Yendo

Your new credit card is in sight.

Access up to $10,000 in credit with Yendo.

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