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What are FAANG stocks?

FAANG = Facebook (Meta), Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google

FAANG Stocks 

FAANG stocks refer to five of the most popular and best-performing tech companies in the stock market: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google (now Alphabet, Inc.). These companies are known for their high growth rates, making their stocks attractive to investors. However, always remember, investing in stocks carries risk and should only be done after understanding all aspects involved.

3 things to know about FAANG stocks

  1. High Impact: Although FAANG stocks only comprise 5 companies, their combined market value is so significant that they can significantly influence the overall direction of the stock market. 
  2. Huge Growth: The FAANG stocks have consistently outperformed the broader market over the past decade. For example, if you had invested $100 in each of these companies in 2008, you would have over $7,000 by end of 2018. But remember, the past performance of a stock is not a guarantee for future returns.
  3. Innovation Leaders: All the FAANG companies are renowned for their innovation and disruption in their respective sectors. For instance, Netflix has revolutionized the entertainment industry, while Amazon has transformed retail shopping. This continuing drive for innovation contributes to their value and attractiveness as investments.

How do I find the price of FAANG stocks?

 You can find the price of FAANG, or any other stock for that matter, by going to a site like Yahoo Finance to lookup the stock symbol of any of the FAANG stocks.


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