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Why apply for the Yendo Mastercard®?

If you need cash, Yendo lets you tap into the value of your car to get credit up to $10k.

Your car’s value = access to money

Use the value of your owned car to get quick access to the funds you need.

No impact to credit for pre-approval

Find out how much you’re pre-approved for in 3 minutes, with no impact to your credit.

Only pay for what you spend

If you take out a loan, you're on the hook for that entire amount plus interest and fees. With Yendo, you only pay for what you spend on the card.

Virtual card before your physical card arrives

Our virtual card lets you quickly access your credit while your physical card is shipped to you. You can use it online or with Apple, Google or Samsung pay.

Your Yendo Credit Card is just 3 steps away.

Your Yendo Credit Card is just 3 steps away.

1. Get pre-approved
Complete our quick and easy pre-approval process online in minutes - don’t worry, pre-approval won't impact your credit!
2. Verify you and your car
After your personal identity and car's condition are verified, drop off your title or digitally transfer your auto loan, depending on the ownership of your car.
3. Access your money
Instantly access money and withdraw cash with cash advances. Since it's a credit card, there's no need to reapply every time you need funds.

All credit scores welcome to apply

Life happens and sometimes you need access to money to help pay a bill or maybe you're just making a big purchase, but don't want to take out a personal loan. Don't let your credit hold you back - take the steering wheel of your finances and let your car help you tap into a credit line in a completely new way with the Yendo credit card.

Looking to build or rebuild your credit?

We report to the 3 major credit bureaus monthly to help you build credit over time.

Looking to build or rebuild your credit?

We report to the 3 major credit bureaus monthly to help you build credit over time.

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Does Yendo build my credit?
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Yes, Yendo helps you build your credit. We report to Experian, Transunion and Equifax credit bureaus.

What will my credit line be?
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Yendo Credit Cards have credit limits ranging from $450 up to $10,000. Your credit line depends on the make, model, mileage, and condition of your vehicle in addition to your ability to repay.

How many days do I have to repay?
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You have 25 days after the end of your monthly statement to make a payment. You can make payments at anytime, and you will need to make a minimum payment of 1% of your statement balance or $50 (the greater of). We're here to help, so if you do need assistance making your minimum monthly payment, please give us a call.

Can I get approved even if I have bad credit or no credit?
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You can get approved as long as you meet Yendo’s other approval criteria. Our mission is to offer affordable credit access to everyone.

How soon can I get my credit card?
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Yendo customers can have access to their virtual credit card within 30 minutes of completing the approval process. The virtual card can be used online or with Apple, Google, or Samsung pay. A physical card will be mailed to you and typically arrives in 3-7 days.

If I miss a payment, do I lose my car?
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We will always work with you to try to establish a plan that works with your situation. However, as a lienholder, we can exercise our right to recover an outstanding balance, but this is our last option. Keep in mind that with Yendo, your minimum monthly payment can be more affordable compared to other alternatives like title loans.

If I sign up, when and how do I get my title back?
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You can get your title back at any time by paying off your balance and giving us a call to close your account. Once we verify that your balance is $0, Yendo will close your account and remove its lien from your title. We will then release the title to you within 10 days of payoff - please note that there may be some situations outside of Yendo's control, such as DMV processing timelines, that could extend this timeframe. Or you can keep your account open with a $0 balance and pay no interest, so you can have continued access to your credit card when or if you wish to use it.

What are my payment terms?
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While your official due date is 25 days after receipt of your previous monthly statement, you can pay off all or a portion of your balance in advance at any time. The best part? If you pay your statement balance on or before the due date every month, you’ll pay zero interest on purchases. In the event you don’t pay off your full balance, our minimum payment is 1% of your principal balance or $50, whichever is greater. Please note if you have interest or fees charged to your account, these will be added to your minimum payment due.

What is overlimit?
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If your balance exceeds your credit limit, your account is overlimit. You will need to make a payment that brings your balance below your credit limit and make at least a minimum payment to unblock your card.

Your new secured credit card is in sight.

Access up to $10,000 in credit with Yendo.

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