Up to $10k in credit without the hassle of a high rate payday loan

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No credit checks

Get pre-approved in about 2 minutes

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Why choose Yendo over a payday loan?

Using a Yendo secure credit card is quick, easy, and flexible, even if you have bad or no credit. Pay your entire balance monthly with no interest, or carry a balance with a fixed low rate. You can get access to the money you need quickly, while also working toward building better credit.

No hard pull

No or bad credit is okay

Get up to a $10,000 credit limit

Fraud protection

Only pay for what you spend


"Yendo has your back!"

"I’m thankful to Yendo for giving me the chance to build credit through my car. They are professional and care about their customers. They resolved the issue quickly in a timely manner. If you’re looking for an easy quick way to build credit Yendo is the way to go. Thanks Yendo and George."

Jamie E. in Illinois

"Yendo has your back!"

“Yendo was a great choice. It was easy to apply and no matter your score you can be approved. Brian reached out over the phone and lead me through the application and even made a trip to meet me to get all set up. They report to the credit bureaus. I’m looking forward for my Yendo account to up my score.”

Melissa T.

"Thank you Yendo!"

“My experience was excellent. Everyone was kind and helpful. All my questions were answered and the service was very quick. I highly recommend reaching out to Yendo.”

Sam A.

"Yendo es excelente!"

“Gracias Yendo, por dare la oportunidad de restablecer mi crédito entre otras cosas, estoy encantada con lo fácil que es de usar y por la forma de asegurar mi portal, me da una paz saber que nadie que no este authorized va a poder usarlo, sin contar además del bajo interés a pagar... Sin duda alguna es digno de recomendar!!”

Marina R.

"Join Yendo!"

“You guys, this company is a solution to your debt problems. Instead of getting a car title loan with 300% interest, get a credit card secured by your car title! What a brilliant idea! Just download the Yendo app and get started today.

Kathleen B.

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